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"I believe each of my students must craft an individual reading life of challenge, whim, curiosity, and hunger. I believe in the collecting, noticing, living work of designing lessons to empower writers. I believe teachers provide vision for students; we live a belief in their success every day we teach."




The writing traits that we do in classIdeas: Organization: Voice: Word Choice: Sentence Fluency: Conventions: & Presentation.

Use all these writing traits to improve your writing!

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6+1 Writing Traits

In Language Arts this year, we will use the writing model,�Writing Traits 6+1. Unquestionably, good writing happens over time, with lots of practice and lots of support. In class we will focus on the following: Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions. The�Trait Model�gives the students the TOOLS that they need to move forward to become better writers. Therefore, if students are to learn, they must write. 


1. Ideas -Find a topic, Focusing on the topic, Developing the topic, and Using details

2. Organization - Creating the lead, Using Transitions words, Structuring the body, and Ending with a resolution

3. Voice - Establishing a tone, Conveying a purpose, Creating a connection to the audience, and Taking risks

4. Word Choice - Applying strong verbs, Selecting striking words, Using specific and accurate words, and Choosing words that deepen meaning.

5. Sentence Fluency - Crafting well-built sentences, varying sentence types, capturing smooth and rhythmic flow, and Breaking "rules" to create fluency.

6. Conventions - Checking Spelling, Punctuating effectively and paragraphing accurately, Capitalizing correctly, and Applying grammar and usage.

+ Presentation - formatting: headers, double spacing, tabbing,and a variety of other tips based on assignment.


Student Writing Class Blocks and Marking Rubrics!

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Journal Writing

Direct contact with the designers and developers! Not just a support forum, but direct contact with the folks who designed your template.

Speaking and Representing

Not on your mobile devices. Actual speaking in front of others!

Haven't you heard of this amazing new techology called speaking!


Be prepared, prepared, and prepared!




Show understanding visually to learn and exchange ideas.


Listening and Viewing

Sometimes you just need to listen and view before making a judgement or decision!

And listening won't cost you a thing!!


Getting information from different kinds of texts and making sense of that information by making connections, questioning, and summarizing.

Listen and be awesome!

Critical Thinking

Teachers want to know what your thinking! Write a lot!

You do the hard work, and I'll enjoy reading your answers.


Thinking Skills

Student applies thinking skills to interpret and evaluate ideas and information; explores and reaches big ideas and questions about self, others, and the world.


Provide Details

Provide specific details, add supporting ideas, and provide evidence when you write.

Teacher Resources


Nelson, My Nelson, and Grade 7 Reading Assessment Files

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Nelson E.L.A

A collection of printable resources for quick access.

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Reading Level 7

Grade 7 Reading Assessments Ready to Use

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My Nelson

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